Transportation Appearance Designing

G-Wise Design is a professional team specializing in car designing, providing services to customers from the designing to the engineering development through digital methods.


Reforming Design of the Mass Production Car 


The OE factories are changing the car appearances every two to four years, maintaining the fascination of the customers of the cars’ styles, making them feel as if they were buying a new car again. 

We assist car factories in offering design ideas in regards to the car’s appearance and style, assisting design-staffs in greater originality when carrying out the evaluations for the development of the design. 

G-Wise Design does not only assist the 2D design work in relation to its appearance, but also connects to the 3D design work after the former work is finished. If customers request to change the styling in small scale, we can using the 3D direct technique to fulfill their desires.

OEM Special Edition Car Designing


The more and more demanding of the personal Car is urging the OE factories to advance the special edition car to satisfy the personality market. 

We assist customizing the special edition car in accordance to the OE standards. Engineering, developing and production can all be authorized. G-Wise Design  is the best team which satisfies the demanding of  OE’s special edition designing.

Appearance Designing of the Electric Vehicle / EPAMD


Due to the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, electric vehicles are a kind of accredited development nowadays. It differs completely with the traditional thoughts of the internal combustion engine due to the lack of an engine and mainly adding the volume to its battery. 

We are experts of designing car appearances, assisting customers to develop the new appearance of the electric vehicle. G-Wise Design can assist customers’ engineering team to modify the strategies until the products are able to be mass produced successfully.

3D Appearance Manufacturing of the Electric Motorcycle


Structural designing of electric vehicle 


Battery and motor are the most important parts of the electric vehicle. We assist the engineering staffs in adjusting the detail of the structure design in alignment with the rules and regulations, and create the products as requested by the customers.

Movie / Electronic games Car Designing



The creative world in the movie to the electronic games currently surpass our imagination. It needs to have adequate creativity to achieve this imagination. 

Nowadays, as technology is strongly expanding, there are many special efficacy has progress fast. It has direct connection between the reality and fantasy. In the past, the fantastic productions have all come true. The imaginary fantasy inspiring  mankind is continues to spiral towards greater creativity.