Our core-values

Burn for the Dreams, Create for the Outstanding


Doing the right thing, providing our worth

For collaboration with the customers, we are not only offer the design drawing but also provide our suggestions and ideas. 

Our company firmly believes with in approaching the problem from the customers’ perspective; getting things right is more important to us than simply getting the job done. 

 We strive to exceed our customers’ exceptions, showing the value and foster ongoing, building mutually beneficial relationship.

G-Wise Design Company has the best team, comprised of capable products designers, mechanical designers, and CAD molding engineers. Our customers receive all the support they need while developing new products and any kinds of accessories. 

We implement our own standardized design process, which is not only improves the quality of the customer’s products but also control the time and ensure that the customer’s products to the market on schedule.

Excellence Comes Naturally

We don’t stop at just design; we constantly strive to improve ourselves. Our design is to combine our strategies with the customer’s vision to solve problems and achieve innovation. 

Therefore, we believe that we can generate value that’s greater than others. Thinking from the customers’ perspective, providing opinions according to our professional designing knowledge. Whether the task is simple or complicated, for us, excellence comes naturally.