Automotive Parts Design


CAD Direct Modeling

We can create the digital appearance of CAD direct modeling in accordance to the CG impression drawing done by he car designer. The curved surface will satisfy OE factories’ level A rank standards.
G-Wise Design can directly modify the CAD style in accordance with the customers’ demands, satisfying any kind of modification demanded by the AM refitting customers.

Reverse engineering of appearance accessories



We can assist you starting from accessory scanning, reverse surface model building, surface model checking to procedural checking, helping you through all the complicated nuisances before mold making.

We manufacture high-quality surface modeling, no matter how complicated the components are, or how detailed and precise the customers’ standard of quality of their surface is.

We already use the digital manufacturing process specifically for the designing of car aero kits. From digital styled designing generated by the computer, engaging direct 3D appearance CAD drawing, mechanical locked with 3D CAD designing until CNC 3D sculpture directly and MOCKUP do the test and verify in the design.

The drawing of reverse engineer usually changes because certain parts are out of shape or other kinds of reasons. G-Wise Design has the direct technical developing experience of OE factories. Even if the accessory parts are out of shape or you need to modify the appearance after the reverse engineer, we can still assist in reconfirming the mold release production and the analysis of the thickness in order to reduce the mistakes and decrease the unnecessary cost to modify molding.

Reverse engineering of OEM car style surface modeling should be and can be achieved to the A rank standard. Our company provides the professional techniques and practical experiences sufficient to complete the highest demands. Of course, we are competent in achieving the reverse engineering of general AM standard easily.

Automotive Kits design and development


G-Wise Design can assist customers by providing consistent service ranging from production process to unique high-quality designs. 

We can assist in the design process from beginning to the end; from appearance to mechanism design,and even producing a sample product. G-Wise Design offers an one-stop design service that can meet all your needs and help increase the competitiveness of your brand, all at a reasonable price.

Recently, the design process of automotive body kits( which we also call “Aero kits”) has rapidly computerized, while traditional hand-made products have fallen by the wayside. We believe that utilizing computer programs for our designs can not only save time but can also decrease cost while enhancing quality, becoming the main stream of the modern period.


G-Wise Design can provide customers with high-quality automotive boutique design. We will work with customers or OE factories and patiently listen to their requests to design interior or exterior parts. Thus, we believe that we can offer the best and the most unique parts which will enable you to seize any market opportunity.

Mechanical  designing


G-Wise Design provides professional mechanical services, using the concept of simultaneous engineering to create the designs. Combing the style designs and production demands at the same time, we utilizes high-quality designs to decrease the costs and promote the reliability of products. 

Furthermore, reasonable prices and speedy reactions can matches products on the market or exhibitions for our customers, also satisfying the demands of productive costs and convenience of fabrication.



We provide services of the high-quality appearance simulation mockup. From garnish, bumpers, lamps, interior panels and likewise accessory parts, to the whole car or parts of changing model trials, G-Wise Design is able to produce and  fabricate it all. Practical experience assures that our designs are able to modify the potential problems in the usage of these merchandises. 

We figures out the problems before the merchandise enters the official mass production, confirming the quality of the final project, and maintaining efficient cooperation and reasonable prices.

Total Solution


We assist the customers from mold modeling all the way to mass production managing services. 

We continue the reverse engineering, carrying mold drawings, fabricating and designing the mold stripping designs, and aid the mold factories to create the mold drawings.

G-Wise Design provides car OEM accessory parts and AM market accessory designs, and also offers practical developing experience. 

We provide all-in-one complete services for our customers from products designing to mold modeling, assisting customers in accomplishing complicated tasks in regards to irregular integration in an efficient manner.

 G-Wise Design helps you to decrease the costs, promote the quality of products, raising the stakes of your competitors by 100%.


G-Wise Design is the expert on development of car accessory parts. We can design, develop and plan independently, providing accessories to our customers with the fastest efficiency and professional quality, meanwhile, maintaining originality and a sense of beauty.

We assist the customers in solving all kinds of problems in regards to the products on the developing process, from concept developing, appearance designing, mechanical designing, and mold modeling, to providing mass production DATA. 

Our customers do not have to look for the different suppliers to complete the development of the product. This solves the problems of delivering ideas and combining DATA discussion, and the issue if the finished products are not attractive like the original design. From forepart designing to mass production, G-Wise Design does not only resolve problems about mechanic and modeling, but also checks on the appearances of products. Taking both appearance and costs in account, this strengthens the competition of the products.