Introduction of G-Wise

About G-Wise Design


Nowadays, the consumer market is influenced by the Internet, rapidly changing. The consumers’ need towards new products and good designs has increased. 
For this reason, the supply chain is changing gradually. However, the training of professional talent in products design cannot be achieved in a short period of time. The training requires designers who have practical experience to guide the new talents. 
We will be able to achieve high quality designers through great amount of practical work that accumulate experience and educational training.
G-Wise Design is a company guided by professional talents that have great practical experience, with products design at the core-oriented. According to the concept drawn by the design developing center, G-Wise Design consist of the design team that helps the enterprise face the pressure of restructure and resolves designing problems.


G-Wise Design Company established in Taiwan in January of 2009, is currently in Taoyuan county. Our main purpose provides for transportation designing, products developing and so forth related to design working service. 

Our services include but are not limited to the designing of automotive kits, forward CAD mass production and manufacturing, average products designing, mechanical and molding.