New vision and orientation of G-Wise Design

Our Vision

The Leadership of Changes in Taiwanese industries

Taiwanese industries are gradually departing from traditional manufacturers and are entering into an era of independent designing and OBM. Traditional OE factories are being replaced by competitors who have lower costs in regards to the salary and materials.

 In Taiwan, There are many OEM industries that lose the competitive advantage, thus they believe it is necessary to come up with a more valuable core ability; that of which, designing and creating are the most important links in forming form the value.
G-Wise Design’s core ability involves creative design and professional development to provide services for the changing enterprise and creating advanced products in accordance to international competition.


Our new orientation is: the nutrients in the supply chain

nutrients = efficiency, quality, originality, sense of beauty.

Our new orientation helps the enterprises achieve the efficiency,

quality, originality, sense of beauty.


Welcome to the LEGO Generation!

In order to achieve the goal of providing the best service to the customers, enterprises need to be flexible like LEGO bricks, assembling information and connecting with different partners in various ways. 

G-Wise Design Company is the molecule within the automotive industry, consisting of the capability to combine with other elements to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship and accomplish the mission of commercial service flexibly at any time.