Products Developing Services

Reverse engineering of appearance accessories


Aftermarket accessory parts: reverse scanning, modifying to the product drawing, and we accordance to the customer's demanding to adjust and modify the car styling directly, satisfied the high-quality and processes are flexible at one time. 

We can assist you starting from accessory scanning, reverse surface model building, surface model checking to procedural checking, helping you through all the complicated nuisances before mold making.

Surface Modifying


G-Wise Design has the practical design technic and experiences about OE direct developing, assisting customers from reverse information to direct modify appearance,  satisfying the changing of the sculpture and totally accordance the customers’ ideas.

Mechanical  Designing 


G-Wise Design provides professional mechanical services, using the concept of simultaneous engineering to create the designs. Combing the style designs and production demands at the same time, we utilizes high-quality designs to decrease the costs and promote the reliability of products. 

Furthermore, reasonable prices and speedy reactions can matches products on the market or exhibitions for our customers, also satisfying the demands of productive costs and convenience of fabrication.

Mold designing and developing


No matter Plastic injection or Vacuum forming molds, We satisfying your demanding to design the mold and manufacturing the detail of the accessory parts. 

For our customers, We are the priority choice!

One-stop Designing


We assist the customers in solving all kinds of problems in regards to the products on the developing process, from concept developing, appearance designing, mechanical designing, and mold modeling, to providing mass production DATA. 

Our customers do not have to look for the different suppliers to complete the development of the product. This solves the problems of delivering ideas and combining DATA discussion, and the issue if the finished products are not attractive like the original design. 

From forepart designing to mass production, G-Wise Design does not only resolve problems about mechanic and modeling, but also checks on the appearances of products. 

Taking both appearance and costs in account, this strengthens the competition of the products.