Reverse engineering

Introduction of Reverse engineering


We can assist you starting from accessory scanning, reverse surface model building, surface model checking to procedural checking, helping you through all the complicated nuisances before mold making.


We manufacture high-quality surface modeling, no matter how complicated the components are, or how detailed and precise the customers’ standard of quality of their surface is.

Reverse engineering of OEM car style surface modeling should be and can be achieved to the A rank standard. Our company provides the professional techniques and practical experiences sufficient to complete the highest demands. 

Of course, we are competent in achieving the reverse engineering of general AM standard easily.


The drawing of reverse engineer usually changes because certain parts are out of shape or other kinds of reasons.

G-Wise Design has the direct technical developing experience of OE factories. Even if the accessory parts are out of shape or you need to modify the appearance after the reverse engineer, we can still assist in reconfirming the mold release production and the analysis of the thickness in order to reduce the mistakes and decrease the unnecessary cost to modify molding.